Cat Hai district includes Cat Ba Island and Cat Hai Island, located in the northeastern city of Hai Phong. Cat Hai alluvial sand island located between Bach Dang river and Nam Trieu, a town on the island and 4 communes. Cat Ba is a complex of limestone in the south bay, 1 and 6 communes town. The average population of Cat Hai district as of 2005 was 27 827 people.

Cat Hai District Northwest Yen Hung district - Quang Ninh by River Phoenix between Quang Ninh and Hai Phong. Northeast of the bay. 3 sides of Cat Hai Sea, immense waves four seasons, hundreds lighthouse shining night navigation for vessels entering the port of Hai Phong. The total area of the district is 345 km2 island including mangroves. Cat Hai Island with particular alluvial sand is prone to erosion, deformation before the tidal waves. 366 corn island from the sea ice formed in Cat Ba Island populations "Halong Bay" wonders of the world. The height of the mountain Cat Ba 200m compared to average sea level. Cat Ba is the largest island among the islands of the Gulf of Tonkin.


                                                                                             Cat Ba scenery               
By limestone formed as Cat Ba should create full natural look spectacular. Government on rugged terrain is a diverse vegetation and abundant attractive. Cat Ba National Park is regarded as a museum of natural genetic resources, such as holding a number of rare herbs. Not the rich herb that is Cat Ba also many kinds of environmental conservation of rare animals, the list of World Red Book. The green color of the rocks, trees and sea marbling make Cat Ba a great dither. Hundreds of mountain casual appearance with any mysterious caves. Multiple bays located deep within the small island with smooth sand, emerald water makes coral colonies shimmering color sac.Tren thousand island has suddenly taken aback: mountain lake water calm as a mirror; These plants like water and Ca Mau mangrove beams emitted into the water clinging looks beautiful. Pasture between flat island, a green vision is spread out enough immediate sensation reminds us to stand before a certain steppe. The stream crept deep in the jungle day and night 
murmuring create chords of the mountains, gives us fresh sweet water. And can not talk to each cross-mountain between the deep forests, caves inside the mountain slid on the sea, each place a different beauty.

If the Cat Ba is formed by hundreds of rocky mountains, the Cat Hai Island bore particular features. Cat Hai is created by alluvial sand. This is the only island with no mountains, flat. Each commune on the island as a separate sand islands interconnected by a system of dykes is both communal roads, both to protect the island perimeter. Sea sand, sandy islands are bordered by nearly 20km embankments jutting boldly into the sea to help challenge the power of nature to man. The coconut and casuarina optical lush years before the waves reach out further confirmed the will of the people on the island. 
Cat Hai, Cat Ba is a natural masterpiece works not inferior to the famous landscapes of our country.

Natural preference for Cat Ba a region extremely rich resource. Forest Gold, Silver Beach, Cat Ba forest has many precious woods like Lat Hoa, Kim Giao, Nails, Deep Wrinkle ... In which Kim Communications is a rare species in the world. Cat Ba forest also has hundreds of rare medicinal value, over three dozen species of rare birds such as Eagles, Da Da, Older Women, robins, birds Guest, Bim Express, ... Especially more high sand bird, locals often referred to as the Phoenix rock, rare reptiles like cobra weighs nearly ten pounds, chameleon, python brocade, United momentum, Pangolin, sea snakes have nowhere as much as Cat Ba. Pets on the island of all kinds: red-faced monkeys, golden monkeys, serow, muntjac, otter, fox, squirrel, fox, mongoose, porcupines ... Especially Delacour's Langur (Locals often called monkey black) general type this shit this is the river in groups of animals have been recorded in the Red Book of conservation of the world. According to the latest survey of international organizations and Cat Ba National Park on the island of 200 children.

Sea Island District area of endless source of seafood for more than 900 species of fish, hundreds of species of molluscs, 400 species of crustaceans. Rare marine species such as spiny lobsters, prawns, crabs, sea turtle, oysters, pearl oysters, snout otter have high nutritional value, is a special source of exports. Hawksbill sea turtle shell flowers they are beautiful high quality material make handicrafts exports. Farming areas detective Cat Ba town, is home to its reproduction of this Hawksbill in theGulf of Tonkin. Cat Ba sea fish Pigs "Battery Dan" residence. The species is intelligent, gentle and the redoubtable enemies of sharks hung hold. That is why the beach area on the island, sharks do not dare appear. 
Cat Hai climate in the warm spring with little rain, light wind, sunny. May, June monsoon winds are blowing strong. Heavy rains or typhoons often appear in July August, September October frost more.

Real economic potential is rich, ancient capital itself is like. Great men have scored Nhat Thong Chi: ... "The mountains up like pearls, fish and shrimp as much as the land, the people rushed to collect rice, no cheek, no more taxes. Wave pat stamping cornered cliff, regularly rocks the boat that goes.'s residents enjoy peace, has more than four decades do not know the hardships of war ... ".


Cat Ba by night

Through the historical period, Cat Hai has many different names such as: Yao feng, Grace style, Chi styles, styles States and Cat Marine.

The village is located close to the sea on the island of facilities for fishing career. Cat Ba village located in valleys that open view of the sea, where fresh nuwowcs flow year round, boat wharf. Due to living so close to the sea kayaking, sailing is a cultural activity, racing boat is in the water festival of Cat Hai fishing village. It is in the wind waves, with vigor, crystalmental and creative labor, the people here have left a unique cultural values​​. On Cat Ba town today where the remaining traces of her temple in the war against northern invaders. Hon Gia Luan marble village was once home to the wood pile seal taken from Van rumored to contribute to the Southern Han troops to victory in the Battle of Bach Dang Giang Ngo 938. The Ancient temples right in Van Chan - Van Phong commune architecturally sophisticated in post-Le (XV century), "Tan created jelly beer" Gia Loc pagoda with four faces carved stone pattern rarely seen alive was created from the "Scene Thinh young quartet" 1797. Suspension Don Luong architectural sculpture wonderful a talent show. Xuan Dam commune in the remaining part of the architecture into a stone statue was built in the sixteenth century Mac Dynasty. Hy Hoa Pagoda (Quang Hoa) remains relatively intact, there are many unique statues, the pattern definition stations rarely seen on the stele of the Northern Pagoda. Hoang Chau village epitaph family name in the birth chart also Quoc Tu Giam: Nguyen Khac Minh, Bui Quang Trinh, Vu Tien Hoang Chau village Stripping who have passed the education agency institutes in our country's highest pre-Le Dynasty. The Islanders have the right to self-regulate the learning path, his father passed the time.

We can say the culture of the island of Cat Hai district diversity because settlers on the island is derived from the meeting place of the community who live by the sea Coast
The natural environment of Cat Hai was the cradle of the ancient words. Archaeologists have been excavating 17 locations on the island of Cat Ba. Results showed that 15 points have traces of such ancient charms hang Eo Hien Hao commune, Ba Tung of National Park, Coast, wait Pearl Mui commune, Ang Between Vietnam Hai commune. Especially mobile only Bo was a French archaeologist discovered in 1938 and excavated several times over the analysis of carbon dioxide that the ancient Vietnamese here 6,000 years from now. In the soil of the cell only Bo has a story containing the relics sites typical of Ha Long culture. In this soil has little animal bones. These artifacts bring enough here kind of Ha Long culture and also have unique characteristics that people of the Lower Mekong to live here in the late stages of the development phase of high culture this. Between the two floors above and below the cell only Bo is a thin layer of leveling does not contain relics or bones of animals. This proves that there was a time before the rising sea flooded the lower grades leaves traces of water separating the two cultures early and late. Di only Bo has great historical value has affirmed the ancient Vietnamese people residing in this area since ancient times.

Cat Hai district with many legends, myths are embroidered with intellectual, emotional people on the island for many generations.The story goes that was a long time, this rocky island once the rear of her planting, gathering, providing food in front of him against the wars, when they come to conquer the island. Also from this battle appeared so many brave female general who was the ancient name of this island is the island She then this deviation is called Cat Ba Island. Also from this traditional names from which to date are women on the island to promote the role of the building and protect the island district. The sand called Phu Long, Elephant Head Mountain, River Phoenix ... every place is a heroic achievement. The island district can not help but be proud of our tradition. In the land of the village that exists today Lo temple worshiping a woman who gave birth to son Hung Son village brave. Hung Son who has participated An Hung kings fight Friday. The legend of the brave son Hung Son village as a powerful music features, echoes patriotism of a people of this land Due to topographical features rugged mountains, abundant natural resources, ancient military strategists have drawn a conclusion:"Victory of Empire of King Cat Ba Ba of themselves "

Cat Ba Island has been the basis of many revolts. 1750 peasant Nguyen Huu Cau (ie relations) raised against military feudalism Koxinga was taken as a basis Cat Ba Island. When the Nguyen dynasty selling out the country to the French people on the island were no less resentful resentment of people throughout the country. 1893 when French troops landed on the island of Cat Ba, the island's fishermen held a fierce battle fought back. At the beginning of the uprising of the Yellow Mini Qi village boy who Pearl had raised the flag of revolt against the sale of the water Nguyen (in 1873-1874). From the land of Cat Ba, where insurgents go to mandarin they were defeated there, do less strong. As the uprising spread to Quang Yen - Thai Binh, Hai Duong came down, the Nguyen dynasty forces have focused coping. On the sea, sister Mrs. Hoang Thong Te Lan Hoang Vu also has mobilized an army of cutting the coast with his army in the Pacific Hoang Thong Te. Stand before the power of the imperial army, the revolt of the brothers Hoang Vu Hoang Lan Mini Monkey and had to be suppressed. This uprising has confirmed patriotism, courage of the people on the island in general and women in particular, Cat Hai. 
During the years 1889 - 1893 movement against the French invasion of North America's population aroused strong. French colonial and feudal dynasty crackdown on the movement. Tien Duc, a leaderSouth Coast insurgents have retreated to Cat Ba island to build and consolidate forces, craggy mountains Cat Ba to become one of the main bases of the insurgents. German money was based on the topography of Central Page, roof timber, build treasure tea plantations, central station, station post. Both bases are published room as a solidly entrenched battle with anti trap rock tunnel. Islanders to actively participate in the movement of insurgents. Tien Duc chose some locals in his army to an important assignment.



Cat ba emerald green beam at sea
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The outstanding universal value

Cat Ba has long been regarded as a masterpiece that natural gift for Hai Phong by unique architecture with limestone mountains interspersed spare farm, Gulf and mysterious caves. Not only is the landscape of charming, Cat Ba was carrying the potential value of biodiversity, rich and rare.

According to Prof. Dr. Do Cong Thung - Institute for Marine Resources and Environment, Vietnam Cat Ba Island, the true value for the name "emerald beams on blue sea". It has a diverse ecosystem with global prominent tropical rain forest on limestone mountains, caves - the mangroves, tidal flats, salt lakes, soft bottom fauna, vast coral reefs. Especially cave system is unique in Cat Ba, cave contains both terrestrial and undersea cave. The species is common in bat caves, gastropods and insects. In particular, the caves in Cat Ba is also the habitat of primitive man, so many customers are now important archaeological ...


Cat Ba Island is also a center of high biodiversity value of the world's global Organization international nature conservation (IUCN) classification. Typically, the presence of 3,860 species of plants and animals on land and in the sea. There are 130 species identified as rare, are included in the Red Book of Vietnam and the world, including 76 species in the IUCN Oxford rare item, 21 endemic species. Special Cat Ba langur (Trachypithecus poliocephalus) is endemic, only now with a population of 63 individuals distributed only in Cat Ba. Cat Ba Langur along with a number of plant and animal species are ranked at the IUCN critically endangered. 

In addition to the animals, there are many unique groups of animals and endangered other residents on the island: 62 species of reptiles and amphibians, including 12 rare and endangered species, 155 species of native birds and migratory birds , the Emperor's cup species endangered species in the IUCN red List and Vietnam; initially identified about 274 species of insects, creating attractive and colorful diversity for islands. Due to the special environment of geological Caxto, where many species exist adapted to limestone caves like bats, crabs, mollusks, spiders ...

There are 19 species of bats have been recorded, of which there are four species in the IUCN Red List list. In particular, cave crabs Tiwaripotamon edostilus is also endemic found only in some caves as Hoa Cuong, Thien Long in Cat Ba. In addition, marine biota of Cat Ba Island also very rich. So far, 177 have been classified coral species, including 166 species of hard corals and 11 species belonging to the group of the remaining cows coral, soft coral, horn coral. Besides, the Cat Ba is also home to 196 species and development of marine fish, 102 species of seaweed, 131 species of zooplankton, 400 species of phytoplankton and zooplankton, 658 species ...

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